Consulting Services

In addition to various legal services, Boden Davidson also provides consulting services, primarily for other attorneys. Boden Davidson may be able to help you with a variety of matters in a consulting capacity, including technology (internet, software, hardware), marketing, and legal topics (specifically ethical considerations and legal practice management). For example, Boden Davidson developed a custom, in-house claims management system, and would be happy to speak with you about deploying a similar system for you.

Legal and ethics consulting for lawyers

Every lawyer reaches out to fellow lawyers to run hypotheticals and get tips on your proposed strategy; getting someone else's opinion can provide valuable insight. However, there are times when you cannot find a suitable solution within your network. Whether it is copyright or trademark law, federal civil procedure, alternative dispute resolution, or ethical and professional responsibility issues, Boden Davidson is proud to offer advice to lawyers on a consulting basis.  

Technology for legal practice

Boden Davidson utilizes information technology extensively in his own practice, and can help you develop and implement a technology plan for your law firm. Rapidly advancing technology can be a challenge for a law firm, but it is essential to any legal practice. Why? Because it allows us to better and more efficiently serve our clients.

Marketing for law firms

In today's competitive legal market, law firms need to have an edge on marketing their services to potential clients, to remain viable. With years of experience advising lawyers on marketing, Boden Davidson can help you find clients, and help your potential clients find you. The prolific spread of the internet, it is important to have a smart and sharp presence, and to work to contiunally improve.

Google AdWords for lawyers

Boden Davidson offers consulting and management services for your Google AdWords campaigns, at competitive rates and close care of clients. Services offered include one-time initial account setup, one-time account optimization, ongoing full account management, as well as advising and training. New accounts with an anticipated monthly spend of $500 USD or more are accepted. You pay for your Google AdWords spend directly with your credit card; the consulting fees are charged separately, from Boden Davidson, and can be paid by check or credit card - no 'grey area' on how much of what you are paying is actually going towards AdWords. Note, Boden Davidson is not affiliated with, an employee, a contractor, or in any other way associated with Google. Any agreement between you and Boden Davidson is separate and independent of any agreement you may have now or in the future with Google. As a third-party, Boden Davidson carries forward the Google AdWords philosophy of accountability and transparency. Please read the disclosure: "Working with Third-Parties" and feel free to contact Boden Davidson for a free initial consultation on getting started or revamped with Google AdWords.

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