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Boden Davidson is a California attorney who focuses on copyright, trademark, media, and technology law. He is dedicated to helping his clients and exercises great care in his work. Boden Davidson is proud to offer close, prompt, and personal service - focused on respect and results. He strives to provide creative, workable solutions for legal issues that his clients face.

Copyright Law

Copyright law exists to protect property rights in various types of creative works, such as art, books, music, movies, computer software, video games, etc. These works are protected to the extent that they are the result of creative efforts, and are unique from other works. A new work that is very similar to an existing work may actually be infringing on the existing work, depending on the particular facts. Copyright law is the recognition by the legal system that the efforts or artists, writers, any creators of works, should be encouraged and fostered by granting the protection of copyright in the resulting works.

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